A busy and exciting day today here at the cat house!

Well, today was certainly an exciting day for both the cat overlords and we hewman minions here at cat central! The youngest cat servant in the house, Jaxon, decided that a road trip was in order for Bama and Boise as he has been chomping at the bit to take them to school for his weekly Friday Show and Tell. Apparently he somehow garnered permission from the residant supreme cat-ones, because they made the trek.

According to my wife/female cat slave, everything went better than anyone could have hoped for! I was a bit apprehensive, as neither of them have been around too many people outside of the core family, but according to her debreifing, everything went well, and students and Cat masters alike seemed to enjoy the day. They interacted with the kids, let them pet them, roamed around the classroom exploring, and then when all was done and the photo ops were through, they quietly retreated to the “protective cat enclosure” (pet carrier…shhhhh!) and napped on the short ride home. (Photos when I get’em)

Garnering the support and adoration of your followers, a very nice move in their takeover scheme I must admit! Get’em while they are young and mold them into what you want, lol. Cats, you don’t have to understand them I guess, just obey them. 🙂

The excitement continued after I got home from a day’s work earning the wages to stock the kitty cubard with their material needs, as round after round of thunder storm rolled through. Bama and Boise, still exhausted from their meet and greet earlier, slept through most of it, barely managing to wake up long enough to scarf down another load of their favorite canned cat concoctions.

Luckly, no damage to cat headquarters nor our surrounding area, so tomorrow, the plotting resumes!

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