About the Shat Cats

Shatcast: the online chronicles of two wild and crazy cats and their endless battle for world domination. After nap time of course! 

Our human underlings refer to us as Bama and Boise, and we were born somewhere around October 13th, 2011. We are uncertain of the exact date because let’s face it, cats don’t need calendars. We were born in the woods in south Alabama, and sadly, our mother was taken from us shortly after we were born.

Some kindly human surveyors were working in the woods and found us. They took us to the animal doctor and saved our lives. We are endebted to these kind humans and their kind actions. They would make good staff members and could only help the service around here.

Anyway…our kind humans adopted us from the vet’s office, removing us from that infernal place. Actually, it wasn’t all that bad, but we cats are chronically disgusted, so that’s how we’re gonna tell it, ok? Our new human servants have thus far taken pretty good care of us, though of course it could always be better.

The kindly old man of the family even built us our very own cat climbing tower, leading up to a nice perch where we can look out the window and survey our kingdom from high up in the sky, appropriately looking down upon everything. You can see what it looks like here. Meow!

(Note: don’t tell Bama and Boise please…but I have installed a web cam on their perch! View it here)

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