Boise the cat

I’m Boise, and I’m the brains, brawn, and beauty of this place. Without me, there would be nothing but “shat” in

I’m a fine light red Mackerel Tabby. That’s “mackerel” just like the fish. Everyone loves fish, right? Anyway, I’m a Mackerel Tabby as I said. My stripes are small and go from my lean and toned spine to my trim and firm belly, looking like the bones of a fish, thus the “Mackerel” name.

I’m a bit lighter then Bama, my dimwitted brother, who just looks a bit rusty or dirty. My coat is also a bit shorter which means my human minions have a bit less clean up to do after me. This is good, because this frees them up to tend to other important needs that any Cat Overlord has, like constant feeding, petting, and cuddling.

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