Absolutely, positively, without a doubt…FREE!



Hopefully the “F” word got a few of you this far, heh heh. If you have never heard of it before, FreeKibble.com was a website started by 11 year-old girl named Mimi Ausland. Miss Ausland wanted to feed some of the hungry anipals at her local shelter, and what she started back in 2008 has grown, blossomed  and exploded into a website that has over 500,000 visitors and has given nutritious meals to over 9,000,000 hungry shelter animals!

Now, what do you need to do? Simple really, just visit their website at FreeKibble.com or FreeKibbleKat.com and signup to get a daily email reminder. 




Once you get the reminder, just click the link to go to the site and play a daily dog and cat trivia game. If you pick the correct answer, the website donates food. And what is awesome, is that even if you pick a wrong answer, the website still donates the food! What could be simpler huh? And, it only takes you 3 or 4 clicks per day to make a difference. I have been doing it for almost a year now, and haven’t gotten a single piece of SPAM nor have had any other issues, and since I’ve been doing it every day for close to a year, I have helped feed close to 300 kittehs and 300 doggies too, and it didn’t cost a single cent.

Won’t you please help?

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