Bama and Boise back on the interwebs…sorta

After a hectic month, Bama and Boise are now back on the internet! They have had out of town visitors, and are just now getting settled back into their normal routine of eating, sleeping, wrestling, sleeping, eating, sleeping, napping, resting, eating, wrestling, eating and sleeping.

They have also gotten bored with their scores of balls, feather toys, mouse toys, and other assorted feline entertainment goodies, but not to fear, they have created their own diversions! A new game, which we their hewmans “affectionately” call “climb on the dining room curtains and rip them off of the rods” has been filling in a LOT of their waking daytime moments. During the nighttime waking moments, they bring the game into our bedroom. Apparently the curtain rods are a lot stronger in there, because the curtains are still hanging, but they are showing the wear and tear that razor sharp kitteh klaws enact upon them.

Other than “damning them to Hades” on at least one occasion, and squirting them with the water bottle until she has possibly developed carpal tunnel syndrome, none of the aforementioned parties have suffered any lasting injuries, I am thrilled to report! 🙂

I have assured my wife and cat she-hewman that this is a temporary behavior by our furry family felines, and that they will surely grow out of it, and that afterwards she will be rewarded for her love and patience by new curtains in both rooms! I must admit…I shudder to think of the wrath that I shall suffer should Bama and Boise carry this fun-time activity into their adulthood. I don’t think that getting a squirt or two will be the extent of my punishment. I’m betting that the damnation she casually tossed about to the kittehs shall be unleashed full force upon me! Hell hath no fury like a cat-scorned woman!

Note to inventors: A curtain material designed to accommodate our clawed cat cousins would win big props right about now in the Shatcast household. 🙂

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  1. Nerissa's Life May 27, 2012 at 11:46 AM

    So glad you’re back. I’ve missed you! purrs