Calling all pet dectectives, I believe we have a mystery on our hands!


What’s this??? The game is afoot!

It looks like Savannah, of Savannah’s Paw Tracks, and Texas, the New York cat, have some strange goings on over on their webpages. Judging by their latest blog posts, we may need a Hercule Purrroit or a Purrrlock Holmes type of anipal to help solve the mystery! If you see a flowery hippy van somewhere, and a dooby dooby doo sounding dog, you can bet money that Old Man Jenkins is the culprit!

This started yesterday on Savannah’s blog, so go read her post there first, then go to Texas’ webpage and catch up with today’s new clues! You can find out on Texas’ page where the next clue leads.

Now c’mon all you meddling kits and pups, let’s go get to it!


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  1. Savannah's Paw Tracks January 16, 2013 at 12:21 PM

    heh…heh…you have to come back to ONE of us on Thursday….all will be revealed…purrrhaps..just sayin’, Savannah