Cat Radar

Current radar track from our secret kittah bunker deep deep deep in the southeast US. Ok, not that deep…but it is still pretty deep. And secret.

Refresh this page for the latest image. The weather service updates it every 10 minutes or so.


The following graph is a visual representation of the “Catatron 2000,” an ultrasonic “Cat detector” device that our staff installed onto our cat perch. The normal baseline reading when the perch is empty is 70 inches. This is the distance from the detector to the window ledge. If Boise or myself is up on the perch, the distance from the detector to an “object” will go down. Since nothing is normally on the cat perch except us cats…well, you get the idea.

This is sort of in the experimental stages right now, so it’s subject to be on, off, or in various states in between the two, but if you’d like to keep abreast of when this fancy pants thingie-doo thinks we are on the perch, then just follow @catcamstatus and it will automatically send out a tweet when it detects something. This twitter account will also send out updates when the cat cam goes online of offline as well. Since the cat cam shows us, I can’t imagine NOT following it, can you?  =^..^=

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