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The fun continues…

We may take this show on the road folks! Here Boise and I are doing the “world’s longest cat” impression…. Continue reading »

Staff finally got off their duffs and emptied our boxes.

‘Bout time! Kitteh fort, here we come! Staff cut access holes in the boxes and made them all nice and… Continue reading »

Introducing the amazing, the stupendous, the one and only…

Catatron 2000! This is what hewman calls an alpha version prototype of the hardware, and he is also still working… Continue reading »

Treasure Hunt, Treasure Find!

Hewman was in the kitchen t’nite watching Bama play with a little dum-dum sucker that had “accidently” fallen from the… Continue reading »

Site update (followup on our staffs progress)

Well, our fat old hewman has finally finished some of the website work he was doing for us, and we… Continue reading »