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Bama and Boise back on the interwebs…sorta

After a hectic month, Bama and Boise are now back on the internet! They have had out of town visitors,… Continue reading »

We have a wonderful new toy!

Daddy hewman ordered us a new drinking fountain right after our visit to the spay and neuter clinic. It is… Continue reading »

Hidden Cat Cam Catches Hovercat Action

Bama cat shows his ‘leet Hovercat skills defying the laws of nature! He was quoted afterwards as saying “Laws? Cat’s… Continue reading »

Happy Saint Catrick’s Day!

We, the cats Bama and Boise state officially and hereby proclaim, that today shall be Saint Catrick’s day in… Continue reading »

Finding Bigfoot?

Dad Hewman likes to watch a show called “Finding Bigfoot.” It is something about people apparently looking for a cat… Continue reading »