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I don’t like the vacuum, so I hide on the counter where it won’t get me.

I don’t really get that whole vacuuming thing anyway. I mean, I know the man staff and woman staff have… Continue reading »

*sigh* Here I am, on my window seat minding my own business…

…and the meat bag once again pulls out the camera like he’s farking¬†paparazzi¬†or something. I’m sure a couple of days… Continue reading »

Staff did some windows cleaning today…

Our man-staff got the ladder out today, and climbed waaaaay up to our cat-perch, and cleaned our window, inside and… Continue reading »

New rule in this cat house!

From now on, there shall be no flash photography within 10 feet of me (five feet for Boise) and any… Continue reading »

Bama and Boise back on the interwebs…sorta

After a hectic month, Bama and Boise are now back on the internet! They have had out of town visitors,… Continue reading »