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They tell me not to get on the counter…

  But, I do what I want. Yeah, I’m a bit of a bad ass. This image is imported from… Continue reading »

Staff finally got off their duffs and emptied our boxes.

‘Bout time! Kitteh fort, here we come! Staff cut access holes in the boxes and made them all nice and… Continue reading »

Look Bama, the staff look small from up here!

Look Bama, the staff look small from up here! This image is imported from Instagram with Instagrabber, a WordPress plugin. passes the torch…

well, not really a torch, as much as an award: The Reality Award! In our last blog post, we told… Continue reading »

Happy Birthday…to you….Happy Birthday…to you…

Happy 11th Birthday to Dante, a handsome lion of a cat way up north in Canada where he puts thatĀ gorgeousĀ ginger… Continue reading »