Finding Bigfoot?

Dad Hewman likes to watch a show called “Finding Bigfoot.” It is something about people apparently looking for a cat with really really big foots. They call him Catsquach I think…though they says it funny. ┬áSilly hewmans!

This big footed cat must be very very feral, because the hewmans looking for him can never even see him! People will tell stories of him growling and hissing at them, and they will have terrible videos, but you can’t even see if he is a tabby or what!

The hewmans go out in the woods at night hooting and yelling, trying to call him. Whys they don’t just say “here kitty kitty” and then open him a nice can of cat food??? That’s how my hewmans let me know they have my food ready. I always come. Unless I don’t want to.

I hope those silly Catsquach hunting hewmans don’t come to my house, ’cause I have big foots too!

I has big foots on the front…

And I has big foots on the back!

Maybe I gets my daddy hewman to make a tv show about me and Bama. We like being on TV. And on the kitchen counter. And in the bathtub. And on the computer desk. And on the…

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