Introducing the amazing, the stupendous, the one and only…

Catatron 2000!


This is what hewman calls an alpha version prototype of the hardware, and he is also still working on the “code” for it (whatever that is…sounds like some spy stuff to me). Supposedly, when he is finished with it, it will automatically send out a tweet whenever Boise or I are on the cat perch and in front of our webcam. This way you won’t have to camp out for hours glued to our webcam hoping to catch a glimpse of our cat goodness! All you have to do is follow @catcamstatus on Twitter and you will get a tweet when there is some cat action. So he says anyway. We will probably let him finish work on it and then throw it to the floor while he is at work.

Hey, don’t judge us, it is what we do!

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