Mime Cats?

Saw a nice article on the Way of Cat’s Blog entitled “Reverend Jim and the Mime Imperative.”

This site is apparently run by hewmans that seek to control cats using some primative form of mind-control. Of course these misguided peeps call it other things like “understanding cat behavior” and junk…but we know what it is. Whatever let’s them sleep at night. We see the site as more of proof that hewmans are capable of being taught and are eager to obey us. Nice article either way, though that hewman’s cats ought to teach him a thing or two about manners!  Really?!? Allowing one’s hewman to write from the hewman’s perspective! Meow!  🙂

We also feature the RSS feed of this site on our Kitty Litter page if you are interested and want to take a gander. Or a goose. Either one is a fine kill!

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