Official Boise update!

Hello hewman minions and kitty compatriots! It has been a few days since we have updated, so I thought I’d take a bit while our staff was at work, earning the currency they use to buy us our various required items…

Anyway, just to keep everyone informed, we have been busy! Mamma hewman’s sister and family came up from south Florida to see us. Since they came such a far distance, we thought the least we could do was to spend a bit of time with them, letting them pet us, watch us nap, play with us, watch us nap, tell us what fantastic cats we are, watch us nap. They had two little hewmans, and they just LOVED us! One of them was even a ginger, like me and Bama. She was prettier than Bama, but no where close to me of course. She’s only hewman, afterall.

Hang on, somefin’s not quite right here with this camera…just a tap or two and a bit of adjustment, and we’ll have it all fixed!

I’ll have to get daddy hewman to adjust this thing properly when he gets home! Good staff is SO hard to find it seems. Sometimes I wonder if there IS any such thing as a “competent hewman.”  There, that’s a lot better, isn’t it? I want you all to see me when I turn around and ignore you. Apathy without proper attention is, well, a bit wasted isn’t it?

Ok, now that you can see me ignoring you…where was I? Oh yes! We had some visitors over Easfur weekend. They left, and our hewmans went back to toiling away at work, as they should, then this past weekend we had even MORE visitors! Mamma hewman’s parents bred like rabbits and had several litters of hewman babies, and another one of her siblings came. This time it was her brother and his family. They came  all the way from somewhere called Hawaii just to see us! Well, I’m sure they came to see me more than Bama.

Anyway, her brother is in the military protecting the country and keeping us safe (he must kill wild dogs or something maybe). Mamma hewman said he is going to a new “post” here in America. I don’t know why they would send him to a post, but maybe they tie him up to the post at night while he is on guard duty? dunno.

When he got here, he brought two more small hewmans to visit us too! So, it was another two tiring days of letting them pet us, watch us nap, play with us, watch us nap, tell us what fantastic cats we are, watch us nap. We have been so tired from all of that napping, that we have done nothing but rest! They will be visiting us off and on for another three weeks, so we have to get our sleep so we will feel like napping while they are here!

We know that all of you have been wondering where we have been though, so we thought we would take time out of our busy days to post this quick update.

Now, we think we will go get another nap.  *YAWN*

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  1. Nerissa's Life April 18, 2012 at 10:05 AM

    My gosh you have been busy! You’ve had so much to do with all those peeps coming-a-visiting you must be absolutely exhausted! Try to get in as much rest as you can, okay? You’ll want to be refreshed for when they come back.

    I have a theory regarding this ‘new post’ business. Yes, I believe you are correct about tying him to a post. I once overheard peep #1 say that her daddy peep was a signalman in the navy in WWII. Now, he was on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic AND he used to sleepwalk. At least that’s what I heard. I imagine tying him to a post at night would be very useful. Life-saving, in fact.