Site update (followup on our staffs progress)

Well, our fat old hewman has finally finished some of the website work he was doing for us, and we must say it took him long enough! He has our webcam setup with a Twitter account now, and when it goes online it will send out a tweet so everyone knows to come to the website and watch our progress towards world domination! Yeah! It will also send out a tweet when we turn the webcam off, but that’s a big depressing because when it is turned off no one can gaze upon our awesomeness! *sigh*

Hewman also ordered the ‘lectronic parts he says he needs to make the webcam automatically tweet so you will know when we’re on our cat perch to let you know we’re on camera. The parts haven’t arrived yet, but when they get here we hope they are in a big box. We love big boxes. Well, after he gets his junk out of them anyway.

This is our awesome cat perch. We’re really high up!


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