The Hewman’s Birdseed WORKED!!


A few days ago, our hewman got some birdseed, and planted it outside our windows. We of course thought he was absolutely crazy as you cannot grow birds from birdseed! Well…as it turns out, and we certainly hate to admit it, but he was right!

We now have birds all over the place just outside of our perches! Just because he was right this one time though, in no means proves that he isn’t crazy! “A blind hog will sometimes find an acorn” as the popular saying goes around here. We think the hewman just got lucky, but we’re not going to complain. Just look at all of the birds!

I think there was something wrong with some of the seeds though, they must have gotten mixed up at the store or something, because a couple of them apparently grew squirrels. Birds and squirrels growing from seed! Who woudda thunk it!

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