Today is our Hewman’s Birfday!!

Wez started celebrating early this mor’nin. About 3:30!! First wez jumped on hiz bed. Well, we clawed up on hiz bed, that makes more noise. Up and down and up and down and up and down. ¬†We know he liked the birfday surprize cause he moaned “Get down! Get down! Get down!!” in hiz sleep! That means he liked it, and boy, we were only happy to get down! We’re talking “get down” like a KC and the Sunshine band song baby!!

After about 30 minutes, we got bored wif climbing up and down on the bed, so we decided to try pulling the lady hewman’s hair. Sometimes she likes this from what we’ve seen, so we pulled it and pulled it, and pulled it, and then bit it and sucked it (loudly, because she likes that). She moved her arms all around her head in joy! We know she was really getting into the birfday spirit because she started moaning “don’t! stop!” in her sleep tooz!! And just like she asked, we don’t stop, MOL!!

We lost interest in chewing her hair, but knew that we still needed to show man slave how much we appreciated him, so we both decided to get under the bed, and bang around on the frame, push around all of the stuff they likez to store under there, tear papers, just a general good old time!

The hewmans didn’t seem to like this too much since we didn’t hear them yelling and moaning, so we split up and each of us got on top of one of the night stands next to their bed, Boise on one side, and me on the other. Here we climbed the curtains, up and down and up and down and up and down! We jumped down and pulled the curtains open and climbed some more! We made our hewman very happy because this time he shot straight up in the bed and started yelling and cheering us on! That’s the way old boy, you get into your birfday, it’s all for you!!

While he was up, and we were in various stages of curtain altitude, hewman decides he wants to play some strange version of “pin the tail on the donkey” that we like to call, “dodge the hewman while he tries to squirt us with a water gun.” Crazy hewman, what a party animal. We played this with him for what seemed like an hour almost! We were having such a good time you would think it was OUR birfday!

By now the hewman’s noise box was going off. It does this every morning at the same time! We don’t know why they don’t fix it where it will shut up. Maybe wez wurk on it for him today while he is at wurk. That be a good birfday present fer him!

Wez go fer now! We want to put toilet paper streamers all over the houz fer him while he is gone!!

Happy Birfday Hewman! We luv you!!

Bama & Boise

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