Treasure Hunt, Treasure Find!


Hewman was in the kitchen t’nite watching Bama play with a little dum-dum sucker that had “accidently” fallen from the kitchen counter onto the floor. Accidently fallen because Bama had knocked it off….but anyway, I digress. Bama knocked it about willy-nilly, as he’s prone to do right in the middle of one of his hunts, when it slid underneath the refrigerator as often kitty “prey” is want to do in the kitchen.

Hewman, being our humble and faithful servant, decided to go get his long cat-toy-fetching-stick and retrieve the little lollipop and give put it back into Bama’s possession, where it rightfully belonged.

Well…Hewman retrieved a bottle cap…poked his stick around a bit more, and we were rewarded with a long lost plastic drink cap…a bit more poking and a long lost quarter (we swear it was ours!) reappeared. All total, we got back quite a haul of long lost loot:

  • Scrap of paper (our favorite one)
  • Ribbon
  • Ticket from a high school football game
  • Chrome twist tie (shiny shiny!)
  • A peppermint candy stick (ohhhh…mint….)
  • A push pin (we have no idea how THAT dangerous thing got here!)
  • A shiny new quarter
  • 7 beer crown tops
  • plastic soft drink cap
  • plastic gatoraid bottle cap
  • the aforementioned dum-dum lollipop
  • A Chocolate Werewolf candy from Halloween (it was asking for it!)
  • Plastic skeleton leg (we have NO idea where the rest is)
  • 1 Die (the other one is still missing)
  • A Duplo block
  • A dry erase marker (shame we couldn’t get the cap off, that would have been fun)
  • 1/2 of a cat ball toy
  • A velcro cable strap (it slides SO well on the kitchen floor)
  • 2 cat toy pieces
  • and one awesome cat feather toy that Bama scarfed up and ran off with in short order.



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