We have a wonderful new toy!

Daddy hewman ordered us a new drinking fountain right after our visit to the spay and neuter clinic.

It is ok, and we are drinking water a lot more, but we don’t know why he even bothered since we have two toilets and three sinks to play in, but at least now we can splash water on the kitchen floor without having to bother jumping onto the counter and into the sink.

Anyway, this new fountain came with the most WONDERFUL new toy for us to play with. Daddy hewman calls it a “freaking box.” It is the best cat toy EVER!!

We can play hide and attack in it.

That is me in the box, and Bama is attacking my kitteh fort. Like any cat in his right mind would do that fur reals!

Here we are playing “peek a boo, I kills you!” I so attacked Bama right after this picture!

Bama kinda snuck up on me in this one, and came at me from above! You can’t see it in this picture…but…um…I got him good right after this. Yeah, that’s what happened!

In this one, Bama is looking for me, but he doesn’t see me! I’m right there in the box!!

This is one great toy, and we loves it! Hopefully mamma and daddy hewman will order us more cat stuff that we can ignore soon so we can get the free cat box that they comes with! Yeah!!


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  1. Nerissa's Life April 4, 2012 at 11:08 AM

    Oh, you are so gonna LOVE your fountain. It looks like an excellent one. Is it gravity powered like mine? Just wondering…
    That box looks fantastic! You are so lucky! Lucky, lucky, LUCKY!

    • Bama April 4, 2012 at 11:26 AM

      The fountain has a pump, but we put bits of food and fur in the fountain so that daddy hewman has ta clean it out. He likes cleaning it and has a blast doint it. He even likes us clogging it so he can have his fun, and calls us his “blasted cats.” He is a good hewman staff member so we try to make him happy like that. 😉