We have put our hewman to work!

Our Hewman has been off of work for Christmas, and we have had a house full of visitors, 8 in total. Four of them stayed with us all last week, and the other four came and visited every day to see us. It was nice of them to come, one set from Texas and another from south Florida, just to see me and Boise!

Anyway, our Hewman was busy taking care of us and them and trying to stay out of momma hewman’s way too, but now his break is over and we have had him doing some work here on the website. He has quite a lot to get done for us, but he has gotten a pretty good start we think. One new feature is a graphic showing if our webcam is on the air, or if it is offline (we need our privacy sometimes you know!).

Right now he has to turn the camera on and off manually, but is working on some sort of magic box thing that will turn it on and off automatically when we are up on our cat perch and in front of the camera. I guess if his turning if on and off is “manual” then this new way will be “catual” since we will be doing it. Dunno.

When he gets that going he’s planning on having it automatically “tweet” it to everyone so you will know when to tune in. Birds tweet, we like birds, so I guess this is ok. But if it gets too close, we’ll kill it. Birds must know their place you know.

He also has an older webcam that we want him to hook up for us also, maybe on our feed bowls, or another of our window perches. We aren’t sure about that yet but we will keep thinking about it. The hewman is an old man and has to go back to work on Monday, so we want him to have a bit of time to do nothing while he is at home. We understand the value of not doing anything, we’re cats afterall!

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