When Your Cat Goes, He Can Now Go Green

Just read of a new cat litter home delivery service, Boxiecat. I haven’t tried it (or rather, Bama nor Boise have tried it…), but the idea is that having cat litter delivered to your door lowers the carbon footprint (pawprint as they call it), of this aspect of cat ownership.

“The traditional way of getting cat litter is wasteful in terms of energy, carbon emissions and packaging,” says Boxiecat’s founder, Josh Wiesenfeld. “When considering that there are 86.4 million pet cats in the United States, it becomes clear that all the round trips to the store being made by cat lovers, and all the packaging waste adds up. As part of our service, we set out to solve this problem.”

Their service is subscription based, and you can setup their deliveries to your cat’s…um…schedule. They use environmentally friendly packaging, and their premium cat litter has no added dyes or fragrances, and according to the company, is a much higher quality then store based litter products. Delivery is done by the United States Postal Service, and the odds are that they would be stopping at your house anyway (delivering the mounds of junk mail and bills they are now pretty much relegated to delivering).

Boxiecat uses Cradle to Cradle™ certified shipping boxes – the highest environmental certification for manufacturing that considers the full life-cycle of a product. Additionally, they eliminate the need for void fillers by using appropriately sized shipping boxes, a step that also increases available capacity inside Postal Service vehicles.

While one might not suppose that cat litter is an area of high environmental impact, in today’s wasteful society every little bit helps, and the company has clearly thought through it’s delivery strategies as well:

“Cat litter is not widely recognized as an area in need of an environmental update, but an example may put it into perspective,” offers Wiesenfeld. “If half of the pet cats in the U.S. require 12 trips to the store each year to get litter, that’s over half a billion round trips to the store! Switching to Boxiecat is the rare case where a convenient choice is also a green choice. That’s a happy circumstance.”

If you have tried this litter, post us a comment and let us know how you like it!

via Cat Litter Goes Green With Boxiecat Home Delivery

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